We Are Moving!

February 1, 2021

It’s official! After 30 years at the same address, Tangerine Software is moving! We have had many great memories in our original office space, but it was finally time for a change.  With our exponential growth over the years, our current offices had expanded beyond what the building could accommodate. 

This presented us with an exciting opportunity to custom build a space at a new location that could better suit our needs, better serve our customers, and with this past year’s events, embrace a new way of working that offers more work flexibility than ever to our team.

Like many businesses, we’ve learned a lot from the past year with everyone working from home. We adapted to remote work quickly and our team has been highly productive throughout. Our new offices with rotational workspace will allow our employees to achieve a happy balance of remote and office-based work (because we do enjoy being at the office too).

Amenities at our new building will include a cafeteria, gym, parking and metro and bus stops just a few minutes’ walk away. Construction of Tangerine’s new facility will be completed by May 1st and we hope to be working in our new environment by early fall!