Our Story

Tangerine Software started off in 1992 as a small consulting firm dedicated to helping companies implement and maintain their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. After only a few months, we jumped head first into the ERP business by becoming a distributor of a Tier 1 enterprise software solution. Since then, we’ve sold and implemented over 300 companies and have established ourselves as one of the most successful Sage business partners in North America, representing Sage X3. In addition, we are the author of Nectari, an innovative, comprehensive and user friendly Business Intelligence (BI) product that over the last 4 years, has been distributed by Sage globally under its brand name, Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

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Tangerine Software - IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

As part of Tangerine Software's comprehensive suite of enterprise software consulting services, we will help you design and develop an innovative and dynamic infrastructure in order to deliver improved business responsiveness and return on investment (ROI). As a provider of global ERP, BI and IT consulting services, we integrate our enterprise software knowledge with our hardware and network value-add consulting services to provide our customers a complete business solution.

Our IT Infrastructure consulting services include:

  • Systems Evaluations and Recommendations
  • ERP and BI Hardware and Software Configurations and Installations
  • Connectivity Services
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Server Virtualization
  • Disastor Recovery Planning
  • Training
  • Customer Support

IBM Power Systems

As a long-standing certified IBM business partner Tangerine Software is able to offer companies of any size and complexity, a complete range of IBM application servers, including IBM System x and System i.  These innovative servers support a variety of operating systems and enterprise software applications.

The right choice for the foundation of your business systems

IBM System x

IBM System x servers provide Intel processor-based server solutions designed for Windows, Linux, Novell and other operating systems. They incorporate mainframe-inspired technologies and intelligent management tools for real hands-off reliability. As part of the IBM hardware portfolio for e-business, these performance-balanced servers provide outstanding value by combining scalable performance and availability features at an affordable price.

For Sage ERP X3 software, the IBM System x servers are the perfect choice.

IBM System i

IBM System i servers offer support for running i OS, UNIX, Linux, Lotus Domino, Java and Windows. These very reliable application servers will support your mission-critical enterprise software solutions and web and mail servers, securely and without interruption.

For Infor System21 Aurora software, the IBM System i servers are the only choice.