Our Story

Tangerine Software started off in 1992 as a small consulting firm dedicated to helping companies implement and maintain their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. After only a few months, we jumped head first into the ERP business by becoming a distributor of a Tier 1 enterprise software solution. Since then, we’ve sold and implemented over 300 companies and have established ourselves as one of the most successful Sage business partners in North America, representing Sage X3. In addition, we are the author of Nectari, an innovative, comprehensive and user friendly Business Intelligence (BI) product that over the last 4 years, has been distributed by Sage globally under its brand name, Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

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ERP Implementation

With over 18 years experience implementing more than 200 customers we understand the importance of a well orchestrated implementation.  Tangerine Software’s ‘value-add’ lies with the business knowledge and experience of our consultants.  They will work closely with your project team to develop and execute a comprehensive plan that will guide and control the entire implementation process.   Their tried and true methodology is strategy, people and business process focused and will include benchmarks and milestones to ensure that the project and its objectives are completed on time and on budget. This thorough approach not only integrates the ERP solution into your day to day operations efficiently and effectively, but also guarantees that business benefits will be quickly revealed, resulting in a rapid return on your software investment.

Tangerine's ERP Implementation Methodology is based on the following consulting services:

Project Management

Detailed planning and management of all activities are critical elements for a successful implementation. We will work closely with your Project Manager to establish and execute an implementation plan that's best suited for your organization.

Infrastructure Review

Tangerine will perform an in-depth review of your current IT infrastructure, including hardware, software and your network. We will evaluate the need for further investment, based on the implementation of the new ERP software, and your technological objectives.


Your core team project members will be introduced to the new ERP software through hands-on training sessions. The software will be configured to support the fundamental requirements of your business so that the training is meaningful to the users. The training will be divided by functional areas of your organization, including finance, customer service, logistics and manufacturing.

Business Process Review (BPR)

Tangerine and your project team will perform a systematic analysis of your company’s current business processes to determine what changes may need to be made and what new processes may need to be developed. Gap analysis will be performed and decisions will be made in regard to possible procedural workarounds or if necessary, software enhancements. All BPR findings will be documented and presented to company executives for their review and approval.


With our wealth of experience in bringing systems together, we will seamlessly integrate and adapt your business processes resulting in an end-to-end solution free of operational challenges.

Conference Room Pilot (CRP)

A day, week and month-end in the life of your company's operations will be exercised by your core project team in the new software, including any workarounds and enhancements that have been made to the software. This process will confirm the ERP software functional and procedural fit and will help identify any remaining issues. This first Pilot will normally be followed by a second, final Pilot which will then lead to the go-live of the new system.

Go-Live Support

A Tangerine application and technical consultant will work closely with your team onsite during the first few days of go-live to ensure that all operations are stable and running smoothly.

Post Go-Live Optimization

Tangerine will continue to provide value-add consulting services well after you are live on your new ERP software. Optimization sessions will be held to ensure that the software is being used to its fullest potential.