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Tangerine Software started off in 1992 as a small consulting firm dedicated to helping companies implement and maintain their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. After only a few months, we jumped head first into the ERP business by becoming a distributor of a Tier 1 enterprise software solution. Since then, we’ve sold and implemented over 300 companies and have established ourselves as one of the most successful Sage business partners in North America, representing Sage X3. In addition, we are the author of Nectari, an innovative, comprehensive and user friendly Business Intelligence (BI) product that over the last 4 years, has been distributed by Sage globally under its brand name, Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

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Wickham Hardwood Flooring manages its growth with Sage X3 and Nectari

August 10, 2015 - Tangerine Software is pleased to announce the signing of Wickham Hardwood Flooring for the Sage X3 and Nectari solutions.

This company, www.wickhamhardwood.com located just outside of Drummondville, was founded in 1989. With determination and years of hard work, the company has come to play a major role in today’s market. It operates all the required equipment to offer a full range of outstanding products. The business includes kilns, a processing plant and a finishing line.

The previous management information system has become obsolete and could not meet the company growth requirements. Claude Hébert, Operation Director, declares “We regularly expand our products lines and invest in new market segments, all this in an increasingly competitive environment with fast delivery requirements. In this context, Sage X3 is the ideal solution to support these changes, both at the production and administrative levels.”

The lack of integration of the disparate software and different databases was another reason for the change. Nathalie Cabana, financial controller, adds: ” Sage X3 and the business intelligence solution Nectari provide us with the management indicators we need, in real time. Furthermore, the end-to-end integration of our operations removes the information silos and provides us with a good visibility of our activities in Canada, USA, Mexico and Europe. Sage supports our international expansion”.

The implementation takes advantage of the Tangerine’s expertise in this type of manufacturing processes, with both teams working together in tight collaboration. “We believe we provide a robust end-to-end solution to Wickham Hardwood Product that will support its growth, in terms of features and processes.” said Vuthy Chrun, Director of Sales and Marketing at Tangerine Software.

Tangerine Software is a leading provider of World-Class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions. We provide to medium and big companies of Canada and U.S.A. ERP solutions that are rich in integrated functions, easy to use, rapid to implement, and cost effective.