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Our Story

Tangerine Software started off in 1992 as a small consulting firm dedicated to helping companies implement and maintain their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. After only a few months, we jumped head first into the ERP business by becoming a distributor of a Tier 1 enterprise software solution. Since then, we’ve sold and implemented over 300 companies and have established ourselves as one of the most successful Sage business partners in North America, representing Sage X3. In addition, we are the author of Nectari, an innovative, comprehensive and user friendly Business Intelligence (BI) product that over the last 4 years, has been distributed by Sage globally under its brand name, Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

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Nectari Success Story: customer case study
Nectari Success Story: Videos, customer testimonies

Avon Rubber: highlighting its collaboration with Tangerine Software

Nectari Success Story: Avon Rubber

Bongas: Sage X3 and Sage Entreprise Intelligence implementation

Nectari Success Story: Bongas
Nectari Success Story: screenshots

iPad, evolution month

Nectari Interface: iPad Evolution Month

iPad dashboard

Nectari Interface: iPad dashbord

Sales statistics

Nectari Interface: sales statistics

Balance sheet

Nectari Interface: balance sheet (version 7.2)

Sales dashboard

Nectari Interface: sales dashboard (version 8)

iPad, sales dashboard

Nectari Interface: iPad, sales dashboard

Sales dashboard

Nectari Interface: sales dashboard

Top 5 sales mainboard

Nectari Interface: Top 5 Sales Mainboard

Account balance and gross profit

Nectari Interface: Account Balance and Gross Profit

Sales profits and performance

Nectari Interface: Sales Profits and Performance

Customer by salesrep

Nectari Interface: Customer by Salesrep


Nectari Interface: Inventory

Financial performance (Excel add-In)

Nectari Interface: Financial Performance (Excel Add-In)

Cash flow (Excel Add-In)

Nectari Interface: Cash Flow (Excel Add-In)

nectari: unlock the power of your data today

An innovative, intuitive, self-service Business Intelligence solution that empowers users to visualize, analyze and report on real-time enterprise data

Nectari - Sage Enterprise Intelligence
  Nectari: Analytics Nectari: Reporting Nectari: Dashboard


Make proactive and game changing business decisions with easy to use analytics


Create real-time financial and operational reports in minutes


Visualize and interact with live enterprise data from any source

  Nectari: Collaboration Nectari: Budgeting and Forecasting Nectari: Date Warehouse


Facilitate the sharing of relevant information with distribution and collaboration tools

Budgeting and Forecasting

Utilize data entry capabilities to create financial budgets, sales forecasts and more

Data Warehousing

Easy to build data warehouse providing fast access to multiple data sources

With seamless integration to Sage business solutions, organizations will gain actionable insight from day one.